Leading Questions

Few of us would dispute the importance of questioning in the classroom, but it is less well explored as a leadership tool. I would argue that a well-chosen question is of great value when posed by a senior leader to a head of department, and that improving our questioning for leadership is a very worthwhile … Continue reading Leading Questions

The Elmers of Edu-Twitter

Yesterday evening I had a happy but humbling Edu-Twitter experience which made me feel like the kangaroo in Elmer and the Stranger (McKee 2009). For those of you who do not have young children, I will briefly summarise the (less than complex) plot. Elmer, the patchwork elephant, meets a kangaroo who thinks he cannot jump, … Continue reading The Elmers of Edu-Twitter

Are pupil progress meetings worthwhile?

I was struck by the recent Teacher Tapp results on pupil progress meetings, which indicated that three quarters of respondents have experience of them and that over half consider them useful. I have sat through many of these meetings, often as the senior leader in charge. I was always uncertain of their value and these … Continue reading Are pupil progress meetings worthwhile?