Assembly: Naming a House

This post contains the text of an assembly which I delivered in 2018. I am using it to try to illustrate some of the positive features of assemblies which I set out in my post about what assemblies are for. Good morning. As you are aware, the school is getting bigger. In September we will … Continue reading Assembly: Naming a House

What is the point of assemblies?

I have a confession to make: I love taking assemblies. It's probably because it's the closest I can get these days to fulfilling my frustrated youthful dreams of being a preacher, clad in black and uttering deep pronouncements of unquestioned spiritual authority from the pulpit. I suspect my enthusiasm for the task would diminish rapidly … Continue reading What is the point of assemblies?

Things which can’t be got

In 1948 two philosophers sat down in a BBC studio to debate the existence of God. The Jesuit priest F.C. Copleston and the mathematician Bertrand Russell locked horns over one of life’s ultimate questions in the most gentlemanly way imaginable. Copleston advanced an argument based on Leibniz’s principle of sufficient reason, which he defined as … Continue reading Things which can’t be got